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Trade Capture

Compliance officers have a challenging time ahead. The financial services sector is subject to multiple and complex legal and regulatory compliance requirements that span international boundaries – all of which have implications for storage, backup and the security and integrity of data. TSS V&D help to support the financial industry systems of compliance so that the right controls are in place, that there’s a formal report on the design, implementation and effectiveness of those controls to protect the data, but also that you retain the right data securely so that if there’s a problem or if a specific problem needs to be investigated you can go back to that data and make sure the data is accurate, it has been kept the right way, hasn’t been tampered with and you can analyse it.

What people are saying

I would like to say thank you for the fantastic job TSS Voice and Data did replacing our telephone system last year and wanted to let you know that we have benefited from a large reduction in costs since you took over our call billing and line rental.

In the past 12 months we have saved over £3,500 on telecoms due to this change which is brilliant.

I wish you and the team great success for the future.

Tim Lloyd Operations Manager, Abbey Financial Group

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